Peptide Glutamine - - 160 Capsules

L-glutamine peptide is a supplement intended for enhancing physical activity of strength, power, and endurance athletes as well as physically active individuals. The body loses approximately 30-40g of glutamine during each intense workout. Glutamine can be produced in the body by conversion from other amino acids that build your muscles, which in turn causes muscle mass loss. Glutamine prevents this negative process L-glutamine peptide is the most important amino acid possessing the anticatabolic properties.

Glutamine (similarly to creatine) increases water retention in muscle cells as well as stimulates protein and glycogen synthesis by providing nitrogen (strong anabolic properties). L-glutamine peptide supplementation speeds up muscle regeneration and prevents overtraining.Our L-glutamine peptide is produced by an American company, Commercial Proteins Corporation, which takes advantage of patented process named "spray drying". Thanks to this process peptide molecule mass is minimal; hence, this peptide is chemically stable, which in turn results in its best assimilation. Ingredients: l-glutamine peptide powder.