Omega 3-6-9 - - 60 Capsules

OMEGA 3-6-9 a concentrated supplement containing a composition of five indispensable unsaturated fatty acids, which have an essential influence on endurance and general health state of our body. The demand for the ingredients rises significantly in the case of intense physical activity (for example in case of athletes, physical workers), as well as intense mental activity (for example of students, business people).The only source of necessary unsaturated fatty acids is a well balanced diet with an adequate amount of, so called, 'good fats'. Especially athletes limit the consumption of fats from the everyday diet, which causes the lack of these important ingredients in their body.

The effect of that can be a significant decrease in physical endurance. OMEGA 3-6-9 assists, among others, functioning of systems responsible for: increase of muscle tissue, keeping high levels of energy, fat tissue reduction, anti - oxidizing activity, functioning of immunity system, strengthening of cartilage, joints & ligaments, speeding up body regeneration. For correct and proper functioning of our organism ingredients, such as vitamins and minerals, as well unsaturated fatty acids should be taken as a supplementation in our everyday diet.