NitroProGen - - 750g

NitroProGen has been especially formulated for pure muscle definition. It is currently the best protein supplement for lean muscle mass. It combines a blend of catabolic and anabolic proteins. When systematically taken, together with a regular balanced diet, it can assist increasing lean muscle mass and is commonly used for the " muscle definition " stage. NitroProGen supplement consists of easily absorbed whey proteins in the form of hydrolyzate and concentrates, guaranteeing immediate anabolic effects thanks to increased body protein synthesis. Within a few minutes of absorption, it causes a reaction in which the amino acids easily find their way to the fatigued or damaged muscle fibres assisting their quick reconstruction. Thanks to NitroProGen's gradually absorbing proteins, like egg protein and casein, a long lasting release of protein into the body is guaranteed. This protects muscles from the effects of any destructive catabolic reactions for hours. The supplement is further enriched with glutamine (taking the form of the most readily absorbed peptide L-glutamine) which is the most important amino acid for building muscles. Glutamine exerts strong stimulation to produce the natural growth hormone (GH), which speeds up recuperation during sleep. NitroProGen is a premix of proteins, suitable for use both after working out and also as a replacement of meals during the day. It is also an excellent protein meal before bedtime. NitroProGen belongs to a specifically designed group of ingredients, which are especially created for athletes performing intense physical activity. The supplement is highly recommended for people for athletes who wish to build up high quality muscle with definition.