Nitrobolon - - 150 Capsules

NitroBolon is a specially designed supplement for all kinds of athletes who want to achieve rapid gains in strength and endurance and increase their muscle mass, as well as speed up their regeneration processes. The ingredients found in NitroBolon, such as Diarginine Malate and L-Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate, are the precursors of nitrogen monoxide (NO) as it is generated in the human body. Nitrogen monoxide is responsible for the speed of transmission between body cells. Increased production of NO causes the facets found in blood vessels and any smooth muscle to relax, causing a higher and more efficient rate of circulatory flow in the blood vessels and muscles.

An immediate impact is made with a rise in the amount of oxygen and nutrients reaching the muscle cells via the bloodstream. This leads to the increased tension and the "pumping-up" of the muscles triggering high level growth of strength and muscle mass. To fully utilise the effect of nitrogen monoxide, the patented formula of NitroBolon is further enhanced with Citruline Malate, which boosts ATP levels (adenosine-tri-phosphate). These production units are responsible for the speed and intensity of muscle contractions. NitroBolon also contains the latest creatine formula in ester form (Creatine Ethyl Ester HCI).