Night Protein blend - - 1500g

NIGHT PROTEIN BLEND is the Best Casein Protein Supplement. This protein is a high-quality milk protein complex that contains easily soluble caseinates and l-glutamine peptide. NIGHT PROTEIN BLEND is a dietary supplement recommended especially for bodybuilders and strength athletes, who want to gain high-quality muscles. This casein protein supplement is also an excellent protein powder for individuals during recoveryFor many hours, this special protein supplement prevents negative catabolic process which contributes to muscle tissue degeneration. This long-term anticatabolic activity is achieved thanks to a unique process of releasing amino acids to the bloodstream even for 7 hours after consumption. Thus, NIGHT PROTEIN BLEND is an ideal supplement to use in the period of a few hours' break in providing essential nutrients which takes place during a few hours' sleep. Additionally, the supplement is enriched in glutamine - the most important amino acid that builds muscles; it appears in the form of the best assimilable l-glutamine peptide. Glutamine shows a strong activity of increasing the secretion of natural growth hormone (HG), whch enables quicker regeneration in sleep. The formula is enriched in a vitamin complex that supports your body's metabolic processes.NIGHT PROTEIN BLEND guarantees effective muscle gain.