Mct Gold Oil - - 400ml

MCT Oil is a special unique type of fat , which is quickly and efficiently metabolized by the body for its energizing effects. Oral MCT significantly contributes to the increase in muscle endurance, mass and strength. It supplies the body with over 100% more effective energy than carbohydrates and proteins. Furthermore, it offers and extraordinarily high rate of absorption when compared to other nutrients. Increasing the daily intake of MCT in athletes' diet fosters strong protection of muscle proteins and carbohydrate reservoirs in the muscles and it also triggers increased anabolic hormones secretion.

Being a highly concentrated energy source, MCT oil proves particularly useful in the course of sports programs aimed for body mass gain and in improving the efficiency of the body during long endurance workouts. Active Ingredients per daily serving: C8 Caprylic Acid 23g-27g C10 Capric Acid, 14g-19gC6 Caproic Acid; 840mgC12 Lauric Acid; 420mg