L-Glutamine Xtreme 1400 - - 200 Capsules

Glutamine plays a vital role in preventing fatigue and overtraining. As a result of an intense workout your body falls into catabolism that is a state in which your muscle protein begins to break-up. Excessive protein breakdown disables muscle mass gain. Glutamine stops this negative process. This is a so-called anticatabolic activity. Glutamine acts on muscle mass gain by increasing a hydration of muscle cells, which leads to the enlargement of their volume and muscle circumference.

Greater cell hydration is an anabolic signal that stimulates protein and glycogen synthesis (glycogen is the main source of energy for muscle contractions). Glutamine enhances immune functions of your body by taking part in antioxidants and glutathione synthesis (glutathione is a compound that conditions a pace of immune cell multiplication). Researches has shown on show that glutamine increases the level of growth hormone, which is the basic hormone responsible for muscle mass gain.