Isofaster - - 400g - - 16 servings

Isofaster is an easily soluble concentrate designed to prepare an isotonic drink of refreshing grapefruit/orange flavour. An carefully selected composition of energetic ingredients and electrolytes has been designed for quenching thirst quickly and effectively, as well as for preventing dehydration and exhaustion of the body. During intense physical activity and on hot days, Isofaster helps to maintain sufficient levels of water in the body and it supplies necessary 'fuel' for the working muscles. It helps to increase the physical efficiency.

Isofaster was additionally enriched in minerals, which supplement electrolytes lost with sweat. It is very important for the best possible functioning of muscles. Isofaster is especially recommended for sports people performing tasks of high-level physical exertion, particularly in sports of high levels of endurance or endurance-and-speed, such as: running, cycling, swimming, team games and martial arts. Isofaster belongs to the group of foodstuffs for particular nutritional purposes. It satisfies demand of the body for nutrition while intense physical activity, especially for active sports people.