HMB liquid - - 100ml - - 100 portions

HMB is especially recommended for power, endurance - power and rapidity - power athletes, as well as for highly active people. HMB is a short chained fatty acid, which is produced from leucine - an amino acid - in the body. After intense physical activity and during long-lasting states of stress, the human body induces catabolic processes, which destroy muscle proteins.

In order to act against this process, the human body's defensive mechanism produces hydroxy - methylo butarate acid - commonly called HMB. Its role is to protect the muscle proteins and stimulates the energy derived from fat reserves - at the same time increasing the reduction rate of fat tissue. Appropriate application of HMB speeds up the process of post-workout regeneration, increases the use of body proteins - in this way stimulating the body to build muscle tissue. HMB is most frequently used in building lean muscle mass.