HMB formula caps - - 440 Capsules

HMB is a supplement intended for enhancing physical activity of strength, power, and endurance athletes as well as physically active individuals. HMB is a short-chained fatty acid, which is synthesized in the body from leucine (anone of amino acids). HMB shows strong anabolic and anticatabolic properties. After each intense workout or during stress, human body gets into catabolic statesm, which destroys muscle protein.

In order to prevent it to an extent partially, human defensive mechanism produces beta hydroxy-methylbutyrate (HMB). It protects muscle proteins and enhances deriving energy from fat deposits hence reducing fat tissue. HMB is usually used by the athletes who want to build lean muscle mass. Adequate HMB supplementation speeds up the regeneration after training, increases the protein utilization rate, and stimulates your body to muscle develop gainmuscles.