Herbal Energy - - 60 Tablets

Herbal EnerGGy is a special complex of energising herbs, namely Guarana, Siberian ginseng, Korean ginseng and American ginseng. Guarana is a herbal extract containing caffeine which stimulates heart and respiratory function. This, in turn, leads to significant revitalising of the entire body. Guarana also enhances mental performance through the sustained and steady assimilation of the caffeine. Also present in Life EnerGGy are ginseng roots, which have been used to enhance stamina throughout history. Eleutherosides, active ingredients in Siberian ginseng, serve to stimulate the central nervous system (CNS).

They encourage adrenaline formation, stimulate brain activity, hold off fatigue, and increase energy production.The active ingredients of Korean and American ginseng are called ginsenosides. They influence your metabolism during physical activity (more fat is burned and more carbohydrates are saved) and are thought to fight fatigue and muscle pain by preventing opposing the build up of lactic acid build-up. This formula allows you to extend and intensify your workout andwhile reduceing your body fat at the same time. Life EnerGGy also improves the adaptation of your body's adaptation to physical exertion, reduces recovery time, boosts your immune system, and improvesheightens response to stimuli. Taking Life EnerGGy before endurance training, especially with L-CARNTINE COMPLEX can stimulateencourage effective fat burning.