FUEL PACK Z-5 - - 30 Sachets

Powerex Z-5 is a precisely balanced multi-element product of vitalizing, energizing and strengthening effect. The product is especially recommended to overtired persons who experience both physical and mental weakness.The components of the product support the functions of the central and peripheral nervous system by increasing the production of neurotransmitters and neuromodulators (substances responsible for the speed of transmission between the brain and the muscles), which results in significant vitalization of the body.

In mentally active individuals (e.g. students, drivers, businessmen) Powerex Z-5 helps to overcome drowsiness, improves concentration, boosts motivation to work and study. Thanks to increasing the flow of nutrients (glucose and oxygen) to nervous cells, it makes the processes of thinking and remembering significantly quicker.The application of Powerex Z-5 before the beginning of physical exercises stimulates the body to produce more energy, which in turn increases exertion potential and makes it possible to continue workout more intensively and for a longer time without the occurrence of fatigue.Powerex Z-5 is a product of very wide effect, which helps maintain a high level of vitality and energy all day long.