AAKG Mega Hardcore - - 120 Capsules

AAKG Mega Hardcore is currently the worlds best muscle pumping arginine supplement. The specific composition of amino acid L-arginine is in its most bioactive and best form ever - Alfa Ketoglutaranu Arginine (AAKG) - combined with malate cytruliny.

AAKG Supplement contributes to the following:

- Increases the capacity of working muscles
- Fast muscle regeneration
- Increase in lean muscle mass
- Efficient sex enhancer

The benefits of AAKG are similar to those of arginine, mostly due to the increased NO production, which enhances blood flow to muscles and all parts of the body. Research shows that arginine helps improve recovery time while also improving symptoms of male infertility caused by erectile dysfunction.

Taking AAKG Supplement will benefit in the following :

- It fights free radicals
- Helps sharpen the mind-muscle connection
- Supports the release of growth hormone
- Helps raise healthy cholesterol levels
- Enhances fat metabolism
- Regulates salt levels in the body

To date, AAKG MEGA HARDCORE is the best muscle pumping arginine supplement on the market.